Tasks of a Build

Day 1*

Build exterior and interior walls in warehouse
Set floor joists and lay floor decking
Sheath wall panels and install exterior walls
Install interior walls
Tie walls together, straighten, and brace
Install front porch deck, columns, and beams
Prep and install roof trusses

Day 2

Install windows and trim packages
Install interior framing – wind bracing, deadwood, and attic stairs
Deck and felt roof
Install sub-fascia, barge rafters and drip edge
Build side porch and ramp
Install exterior trim and set-up for siding
Begin siding

Day 3

Shingle roof
Insulate walls and ceiling
Continue siding and begin caulking

Day 4

Finish siding and caulking
Begin painting exterior – siding, foundation, window trim
Begin interior painting

Day 5

Continue exterior painting
Finish interior painting
Install baseboard, window sills and miscellaneous interior trim
Install kitchen cabinets and countertops
Begin soffit and fascia

Day 6

Touch up exterior painting
Finish soffit and fascia
Finish interior painting
Install doorknobs and bathroom hardware
Install porch and ramp railings

Day 7

Clean house interior
Touch up interior painting
Complete miscellaneous items
Rake and clear lot



* All Day 1 volunteers meet at the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity warehouse. All other build days begin at the construction site.