Sweat Equity


What Is Sweat Equity?

Sweat equity is the term we use to describe the time a homebuyer volunteers. Each Atlanta Habitat homebuyer is required to complete 250 sweat-equity hours within a year from the date he/she moves into the house.

  • 50 hours must be completed before an approved applicant will be shown a property.
  • Of the 250 total hours required, 100 hours must be completed by members of the immediate household, and up to 150 hours may be completed by friends and family.

How Do I Complete Sweat Equity?

  • Attend additional Home Smart elective classes (one is required)
  • Work in the Atlanta Habitat ReStore for scheduled shifts.
  • Work in the Atlanta Habitat warehouse on any Wednesday through Friday.
  • Help build an Atlanta Habitat house on a scheduled construction day.
  • Attend neighborhood meetings of the local Neighborhood Association or Neighborhood Planning Unit.
  • Act as an Ambassador for our program and attend outreach events.
  • All sweat equity must be properly recorded and submitted to the Family Services Education Coordinator.