Atlanta Habitat Staff Directory

Office Phone Number: 404-223-5180


Taylor Brinkley, Sponsorship Coordinator, ext 108      
Laura Cansicio, Sponsorship Director, ext 130    
Drew McGuffin, Senior Volunteer Manager, ext 113    
Bea Perdue, Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager, ext 111    
Katie Thompson, Development Coordinator, ext 114    
Rebecca Stueve, AmeriCorps Volunteer Management Assistant, ext 107    

Family Services

Melissa Klein, Family Services Director, ext 163    
Deanna Brewster, Family Services Home Repair Coordinator, ext 139    
Jacolvy Garcia, Family Services Coordinator, ext 133
Lidia Hedderman, Education Program Coordinator, ext 104
Dorothy Hammond, Family Services Outreach Manager, ext. 124
Michelle Henkel, Family Services Manager & Legal Counsel, ext 116   
Antoinetta McKay, Family Services Education Manager, ext 177
Katharine Bailey, QVS Family Services Assistant, ext 173


Jill Strickland Luse, VP of Communications, ext 218
K. Anoa Monsho, Marketing Communications Director, ext 151 
Toshè Byrd, Multimedia Coordinator, ext 191
Cher Hains, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, ext 164    


Jim Blackstone, Construction Director, ext 138
Rachel Barber, House Leader II, ext 183 
Denise Childs, House Leader III, ext 182
Charlotte Cloyd, House Leader II, ext 203 
Alex Cook, House Leader lll, ext 183
Tyler Delaney, House Leader I, ext 201 
Kevin Doran, House Leader In Training, ext 197
Koby Downs, House Leader I, ext 189 
Brian Findley, Construction Manager, ext 137 
Irene Kagika, House Leader III, ext 184 
Antti Kekkonen, House Leader In Training, ext 202 
Reid Lockwood, Brush with Kindness Manager, ext 185 
Rachel White, House Leader I, ext 211  


Joe Lessard, VP & Chief Financial Officer, ext 118    
Alasa Belasco, Staff Accountant, ext 132    
Corliss.Brown, Office Services Coordinator, ext 100
Gwendolyn Coleman, Homeowner Financial Services Associate, ext 123
Nary Dam, Financial Operations Manager, ext. 125
Crystal Greene, Mortgage Services Coordinator, ext 102   
Wanda Timm, Internal Auditor, ext 129
Paul Tomlinson, Homeowner Financial Services Manager, ext 145
Dan Warzon, Accounting Manager, ext 159

Housing & Neighborhood Engagement

Wes Brooks, VP of Housing & Neighborhood Engagement, ext 157    

Human Resources

Chris Martin, Human Resources Director, ext 117 
Amber Lausch,  HR Program Coordinator, ext 134  


Brett Steele, VP & Chief Legal Officer, ext 178    
Renea McCrary,  Paralegal, ext 126


Dan Maddox, Executive Vice President & COO, ext 175    
Jason Meriwether, Operations Coordinator, ext 135

Real Estate

Andrew Gurvey, Real Estate Director, ext 143 


Cathy Walls, ReStore Operations Director, ext 147
Jack Barnes, ReStore Sustainability & Facilities Coordinator, ext 152
Alaina Barrera, ReStore Logistics Assistant
Drew Bonner, ReStore Sales & Donations Manager, ext 162
Dannielle Boyd, Lead ReStore Cashier, ext 196
Sherrie Butler, ReStore Donations Assistant, ext 140
Megan DeCantillon, ReStore Logistics Coordinator, ext 156
Dwight Dorsey, ReStore Operations Coordinator, ext 197
Damian Major, ReStore Truck Driver, ext 196
Megan McCabe, ReStore Assistant Sales Manager, ext 190
Scott Miller, ReStore Sales Assistant
Anna Myers, ReStore Donations Coordinator, ext 313
Kate Rivers, ReStore Sales Assistant, ext 199
Antonio Russell, ReStore Lead Truck Driver, ext 179
Lillian Tompkins, ReStore Cashier
Donald Wright, ReStore Logistics Specialist, ext 198

Site Planning & Design

Rosemary Kernahan, Site Planning & Design Director, ext 112
Aaron Sibley, Site Design & IT Project Manager, ext 142
Davis Bishop, Site & Building Design Associate, ext 136


Jimmy Harrelson, Purchasing, Warehouse & Facilities Manager, ext 109
Tyrone Guadamud-Mejia, Warehouse & Fleet Associate, ext 192
Sean Haugabrook, Critical Repair Coordinator, ext 193
Jacob Rufenacht, Assistant Warehouse & Site Development Manager, ext 154
Caleb Starr, Rehab Construction Manager, ext 186


Judi Boardman, ext 120
Jody Klein, ext 173