Outreach Liaison Volunteer


Atlanta Habitat conducts outreach events in the community to identify potential homebuyers. These events include, but are not limited to, (i) hosting an information booth at fairs and festivals sponsored by other nonprofit organizations, (ii) presentations at schools, employers, and other organizations, and (iii) distribution of flyers in the community.  If these individuals express interest in the Atlanta Habitat program, they will be invited to an Information Session to learn more about the program and its requirements and, if the Atlanta Habitat program may be a good option for the household, they will be invited to complete an application for homeownership. 

Outline of Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Work in the Atlanta Habitat office under the supervision of a Family Services Coordinator to assist in the application process.
  • Become familiar with the application process and the qualifications and requirements of the Atlanta Habitat program.
  • As needed, use established screening criteria (income, credit, residency, etc) to determine if a potential homebuyer pre-qualifies for the Atlanta Habitat program.
  • 2-7 days prior to an upcoming Information Session, make telephone calls to potential homebuyers to invite them to the Information Session, to answer questions about program qualifications and requirements, and the overall application process.
  • Enter and update potential homebuyer’s information into SalesForce database to ensure monitoring of all potential homebuyers and their qualification status.
  • Assist in making follow-up telephone calls to potential applicants who were invited but did not attend a scheduled Information Session and reschedule them for the next session or workshop.


Outreach Liaison Volunteers are needed on specified weekdays starting one (1) week prior to each of the Information Sessions until the date of the Information Session.  Dates and times are listed on the volunteer hub and sent out via email by a Family Services Coordinator.

Time Commitment:

We ask that each Outreach Liaison Volunteer commit to working a minimum of three (3) hours during the shift they have committed to, and to serve as a volunteer in this capacity for at least six (6) months.


Training and Support:

  • Attend Atlanta Habitat’s volunteer training.
  • Volunteers are trained as needed on the use of the SalesForce database.
  • Volunteers “shadow” an Atlanta Habitat staff member before screening families on their own and before entering data into the SalesForce database.
  • Atlanta Habitat staff are present and available to answer questions and provide support as needed.


  • Passion and enthusiasm for Atlanta Habitat’s mission.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and comfortable speaking on the phone.
  • Experience with computers and data entry preferred but not required.
  • Volunteers must be able to familiarize themselves with the following information and communicate it clearly:
    • Atlanta Habitat guidelines and policies for acceptance.
    • The application form and required documents.
    • Atlanta Habitat neighborhoods and home features.

To Get Started:

1) Attend Atlanta Habitat’s volunteer orientation. Please visit our website at http://www.atlantahabitat.org/volunteer or contact Drew McGuffin, Volunteer Manager, at Drew.Mcguffin@atlantahabitat.org 404-223-5180 ext 113.
2) Contact either:
a. Kelsey Scott, Family Services Outreach Coordinator, at 404-223-5180 ext. 133 or kelsey.scott@atlantahabitat.org; or
b. Dorothy Hammond, Family Services Outreach Coordinator, at 404-223-5180 ext. 124 or dorothy.hammond@atlantahabitat.org.

Sign up on Volunteer Hub for available shifts.
3) All key volunteers are screened using the sex offender registry and, if listed, may be disqualified from volunteering with Atlanta Habitat.
4) All volunteers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and waiver of liability. 
Please contact Libby McDermott at 404-223-5180 ext. 107 or libby.mcdermott@atlantahabitat.org if you have any questions about registering for an orientation or if you are unable to view the upcoming orientation schedule.