Neighborhood Revitalization

Atlanta’s historic Westside is the focus of targeted redevelopment. More than 50 Atlanta Habitat families are experiencing a dramatic transformation of their Westside communities, and as new owners move to the area, homes are being renovated and upgraded. This positive momentum is having a ripple effect throughout the city, and Atlanta Habitat plays a significant role in making sure affordable homeownership has a central place in the overall plans.
We are committed to preserving the community for the people who live on the Westside in the midst of neighborhood revitalization. Not only are we building several new homes in the area, but other Atlanta Habitat programs, including Repair and Brush with Kindness, are helping longtime residents improve their property. Atlanta Habitat also participates in neighborhood cleanups along with community organizations.
Fortunately, despite the decline and disinvestment that began in the 1970s, several private and public organizations have recognized the importance of these neighborhoods. Strengthening our decades of investment in Atlanta’s Westside, Atlanta Habitat is committed to revitalization and affordable housing, to innovative partnerships that include longtime and new residents and businesses. There are several new community resources for area residents and businesses, including job training, resource and youth recreation centers, heightened security, and new retail outlets.
Revitalization is a long-term effort, and these great changes are just the beginning of restoring the vibrancy of one of Atlanta’s historic communities.