Benefits of Purchasing an Atlanta Habitat home

  • No interest mortgage
    Save an average of about $125, 000 over the life of the loan!
  • Low monthly payments
    Currently, most new homeowners pay less than $650 per month, depending on the cost of their individual property
  • Low good faith deposit
    Once an application is approved, the required  $800 good faith deposit may be paid in installments. The homebuyer does not have any other out of pocket closing costs.
  • Attractive, well constructed homes
  • Brand new Whirlpool appliances
    All Atlanta Habitat houses include a new stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.
  • Energy efficient homes with low utility bills
    Each Atlanta Habitat house is built using energy efficiency standard. This ensures that our houses conserve energy, and saves homeowners 35-40% on utility bills.
  • Handicapped visit able or accessible based on family’s needs
    Attractive ramps allow handicap access to the home, and Ability Houses can be built for families with individuals who have a disability.

Little Known Facts

Little known fact #1

According to most recent census data, 50% of Georgia households earn less than $50,000 per year. This means that depending on household situation, a large percentage of Georgians could qualify to purchase an Atlanta Habitat home.

Given this statistic, you likely know someone that would qualify to buy a zero interest mortgage home! Consider referring a co-worker, a friend, a family member, or a church member to our program. What about the people who work in your most frequented stores and restaurants?

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Little known fact #2

65% of American wealth comes from home ownership and it is often difficult for lower income working families to qualify for traditional mortgages.

Atlanta Habitat serves families that may not qualify for traditional mortgages because of large down payment and savings requirements, income requirements, or past credit issues. Shouldn’t hard working families have a chance to accomplish the American Dream?

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Little known fact #3

Children of homeowners generally experience better self esteem, fewer disciplinary problems, higher graduation rates, and lower teenage pregnancy rates.

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