Getting To Know Us

On occasion, you will need to contact different staff members for various reasons. Below you will find a list of phone numbers and job descriptions. If you are unsure of whom you need to speak to, ask the receptionist.

Main phone: 404-223-5180  /  Fax number: 678-705-0586


Position Description Contact Extension
Director of Construction Saturday emergencies only or if you cannot get in touch with your houseleader. James Blackstone Ext. 138
Family Services Assistant Helps to coordinate outreach. JJ Krehbiel

Ext. 173

Family Services Assistant Helps to coordinate education program, technology classes and homeowner services. Taylor Lampe

Ext. 104

Family Services Education Coordinator Coordinates the homeowner education program, budget advisors, technology classes, sweat equity and other homeowner program and services. Primary contact from the time you move into your home until you close. Also call for information regarding home inspections or home warranty work. Jody Klein Ext. 177
Family Services Coordinators Coordinates our outreach efforts and handles all first-time applications for homeownership. Contact if you would like to be involved in our Homeowner Ambassador program, if you want to refer someone to the home purchase program, or if you have applied for a home for the first time.

Jacquelyn Lee

Dorothy Hammond

Ext. 133

Ext. 124

Family Services Manager & Legal Counsel Handles all reapplications to the home purchase program, closings, and homeowners’ associations.  Michelle Henkel Ext. 116
Financial Education Consultant Handles the Money Smart financial education program with new homeowners. Provides counseling and budgeting tips. Jamie Spradley Ext. 161
Paralegal Reviews occupancy agreements with applicants and assists with closings. Renea McCrary Ext. 126
Mortgage Services Coordinator Contact for any questions regarding your property taxes or homeowner’s insurance. Crystal Scott Ext. 132
Financial Services Assistant   Gwendolyn Coleman Ext. 123
Homeowner Financial Services Manager Call if you will be making a late payment or if requesting funds from your maintenance account. Paul Tomlinson Ext. 145
Office Services Coordinator Verification of payment receipt or to refer other applicants to the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity program. Corliss Brown Ext. 100
Senior Family Services Director Oversees services and support provided to Atlanta Habitat homebuyers and homeowners. Primary contact for all closed homeowners. Melissa Klein Ext. 163
In-House Counsel Oversees legal issues for Atlanta Habitat. Brett Steele Ext. 122
Volunteer Manager Coordinates the Saturday builds and all volunteer activities. Contact for any questions about the house dedication. Drew McGuffin Ext. 113