The responsibilities of homeownership can seem overwhelming – even scary – for first-time homebuyers. With more than 25 years of experience fostering successful transitions from tenancy to ownership, Atlanta Habitat knows there is one essential ingredient that separates success from failure for families in this new role.  In a word – knowledge. That’s why Atlanta Habitat invests in comprehensive training and education programs that provide homeowners with the skills and capabilities they will need to achieve success.

Participants in our program are required to attend 12 classes, but most enroll in many more.  Course topics range from family budgeting and mortgage basics to community involvement, crime prevention and energy efficiency in the home. We also emphasize training and education in technology. Computer skills and Web access open up a world of information that benefits homeowners in their careers, helps them become better educated consumers, and allows their children to achieve greater success in school.

Watch this video from our How-to video series for Atlanta Habitat homeowners.


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