Cleaning Neighborhoods, Restoring Pride

More than 50 volunteers from North Point Ministries and Atlanta Police Academy Class 255 gave some love to the English Avenue Community by cleaning up its streets as part of Atlanta Habitat’s neighborhood engagement initiative.

Single men and women from North Point Ministries partnered with a number of organizations in Atlanta to complete a variety of service projects in the community as part of their Do Justice service initiative launched earlier this year. “Our Do Justice program aims to spread the love of Christ to other people and to show them that we care about them and their communities,” said Rebecca Mcintosh from North Point Ministries. “It’s a great way to love on the city of Atlanta!”

The English Avenue community was an ideal location for the neighborhood cleanup because of Atlanta Habitat’s longstanding history building homes in the area. Tia McCoy, Atlanta Habitat’s new neighborhood engagement director, was excited about her first big project. “With neighborhood revitalization, we know that it isn’t just important to build a new home, but to support the community in other ways,” she says. “Since we are currently building two homes and just completed a dedication in this area, the community cleanup allowed us to make an even greater impact in the community.”

Neighborhood cleanups support Atlanta Habitat’s mission of helping create safe, vibrant communities and creates a sense of pride for Atlanta Habitat homeowners and neighbors.

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