January 2015 Class Schedule

All classes are being held at our new building which is at 824 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Tuesday, January 6, 7 - 8:30 pm 
Crime Prevention
Come to this class and learn how to safely prevent crime and confront neighborhood safety challenges. Class is led by representatives of the Atlanta Police Department.

Tuesday, January 6, 7 - 8:30 pm    
Keep Yourself Well
 Discover how to make healthy meal choices for your family. Classes include recipe demonstration!

Saturday,  January 10, 9 -  10:30 am   
H.O.M.E. Room I
Learn the basics of home maintenance. Although this class is designed to be taken during the first month of living in your new home, you may attend any time. First time participants receive a toilet auger.

Saturday,  January 10, 9 -  10:30 am 
Understanding Your Mortgage
Do you understand what is included in your mortgage payment? Atlanta Habitat’s legal department gives a detailed overview of how your mortgage is structured and outlines the legal parameters of homeownership.

Saturday,  January 10, 9 -  11 am 
Budget - after move-in
Come learn about the basics of budgeting. Understand how to evaluate your family finances, how to create financial goals and how to create a budget to keep you on track. Budget Advisor sessions available after class.

Tuesday,  January 20, 7 - 8:30 pm
Keep Your Health Out of Jeopardy
Discover how to make healthy meal choices for your family. Classes include recipe demonstration!

Saturday,  January 24, 9 -  10:30 am 
H.O.M.E. Room II
Learn even more about home maintenance, how to choose a vendor when you can’t do the work, and how to access the funds held in your maintenance account. This maintenance class is designed for homebuyers at the end of their educational sequence, or as a maintenance refresher.

Saturday,  January 24, 9 -  10:30 am 
Energy Use in Your Home
Having an energy efficient house gives you an advantage when it comes to conserving energy. Attending this class will give you another one!  Understand how your home uses energy, how you are billed for it, and how to keep you energy costs low.

All classes are held at the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity office. For more information, please contact Atlanta Habitat for Humanity at 404-223-5180, or Jody Klein, Family Services Education Coordinator at 404-223-5180, ext 177.

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