Atlanta Habitat uses modern technology to manage tools


Atlanta Habitat uses more than 1,000 tools for its builds annually, and thanks to a generous donation from ShareMyToolbox app, the nonprofit homebuilder now keeps better track of its hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and much more.

The app assigns tool inventory in real time, saving the organization money on lost tools and productivity. House leaders and other members of the construction team are assigned tools using a mobile barcode.

“The program is easy to use,” says Sean Haugabrook, Atlanta Habitat’s critical repair coordinator. “As an administrator, I control and assign tools to house leaders and they can keep track of them through the mobile app.” The administrator catalogs the company’s tools and connects its users to allow them to share and transfer tools. About 30 of Atlanta Habitat’s tools go missing each year but ShareMyToolbox gives Atlanta Habitat the technology to significantly reduce the cost per year of replacing tools so more of our resources can be invested in building and repairing homes.