Atlanta Habitat Faith Builds Embrace, Embody Beloved Community

This year marks Atlanta Habitat’s 35th anniversary and it’s a natural time for, not only celebration, but introspection and rededication to the principles that brought the organization this far. Since 1983, Atlanta Habitat has worked to create a city where people of all backgrounds have access to affordable housing. One where everyone is granted the opportunity to thrive and live a decent life. This type of city, one of equality, accessibility and love, is what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned as the “Beloved Community.”

Atlanta Habitat homeowner, Ulysses F., is a proud resident of the 2018 Lenten Build dedicated to the Beloved Community. “I think it’s absolutely amazing that my home pays homage to Dr. King’s dream,” said Ulysses. “It’s definitely an honor and privilege.” Ulysses has come a long way. As a teenager, he faced health challenges while also trying to care for his mother, who also has significant health problems. While this kind of adversity would cause many to give up, Ulysses was determined to live his life to the fullest despite his misfortune. He began saving and looking into Atlanta Habitat. “I was looking to see how I could give back to others who were having a difficult time and provide for my mom—who lives with me—while still living my best life,” he says.

Now at the age of 30, he is grateful to be able to give hope to those who may be going through tough situations. “It’s a pleasure to get the opportunity to partner and share my story,” said Ulysses. “Atlanta Habitat, my faith sponsors and all of the other sponsors and volunteers who worked alongside us to build this beautiful home are truly a blessing.”

The 2018 Lenten Build was sponsored by Cathedral of Christ the King/ First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta/ St. Benedict Catholic Church/ The Sally & Peter Parsonson Foundation/ Supreme Lending.