Application Process

Procedimiento de Aplicación para Atlanta Hábitat  

Documentos Necesarios

Attend an information session

At this session, you will hear a presentation about our homebuying program and you will have an opportunity to have a 1-on-1 meeting to ask questions and determine whether our homebuying program is a good fit for your household. You will complete an Interest Form and leave the session with a list of documents that are required to be submitted with an application.

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STEP 2: Conference with Atlanta Habitat Staff

After attending an Information Session, a staff member will contact you. If you are ready to submit an application, the staff member will schedule you to the next application appointment.

STEP 3: Complete an Application

Gather the required documents on the list provided to you at the Information Session. At your scheduled appointment, you will complete an application and, if you have a $15 money order, your tri-merge credit report will be pulled. Your application, credit report, and personal documents will be reviewed to determine if you may qualify.  If the documents you bring are not complete, you may not be able to proceed to the next step.

Click here for a list of required documents

STEP 4: Atlanta Habitat Staff Reviews Application

A staff member will review your application and supporting documentation. If you meet the qualifications, your application will be accepted for consideration.

STEP 5: Application Components Are Finalized

Any outstanding documentation will be collected by a staff member. A sexual offender criminal background check and a terrorist background check will be conducted. At the appropriate time, the application is distributed to the Family Selection Committee.

STEP 6: Family Selection Committee Home Visit

Two members of the Family Selection Committee will contact you to set up a time to visit and conduct an interview of you and your family at your current residence. After the interview and the submission of any remaining documents, a determination will be made about your application.

STEP 7: If Approved...

You will start your Habitat partnership - attend Orientation and other Home Smart classes and begin working on your 250 sweat equity hours! 

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